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Zhuang Art Museum is located inside ofGiant NARADA Resort&Spa Nanxun. It mainly displays the masterpieces with the theme of old Nanxun drawn by Zhuang Hongxing who is a well-known Nanxun artist.

Zhuang Hongxing was born in 1940 in Nanxun during the Republic of China. Here, the gray-green tile under the moonlight, the brown fence in the spring of the hometown, the dream of the old friends under the oil-paper umbrella, and the emptiness of the mottled powder wall, all of these become his homesickness. Mr. Zhuang Hongxing was admitted to the Arts Department of Nanjing Normal University in 1956. He is currently a retired professor at Jiangsu Education College. His works have been selected in the National Art Exhibitions and won silver awards. In August 2018, he was invited to hold a solo exhibition at the National Art Museum of China, 28 of his works with theme of Nanxun is collected in the museum. It is the highest accomplishment of Nanxun artists in the contemporary era. Mr.

Zhuang Hongxing's hometown sentiment is the point where he finds his unique expression in the watercolor. A deep homesickness flow out in his works. It crosses the objectives and sings out the lost mood in the color.

Address: 3/F, Building 7, Giant NARADA Resort&Spa Nanxun,No.68 Taian Road, Nantun District