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Huzhou Giant Motor Co., LTD. is a high-tech company with new motor technology. It was founded in April 2016 by Zhejiang Giant Group co., LTD. Then, KEB-----the world famous transmission technology company, joined in Giant Motor in June 2017. Giant Motor takes the advantages of synchronous motor technology, unique processing experience from both Chinese and German engineers, designs and produces various kinds of high performance motors.

Giant Motor is committed to scientific and technological innovation and provides customized high-end motor products for many industries. In the elevator industry, Giant Motor develops GT series permanent magnet synchronous traction machines. The series’ double-braced structure, combined with compact body and large load bearing features, provides a safer and more stable solution for small machine rooms and roomless elevators. In the water supply system, Giant Motor develops GPP series which are super-efficient without noise and provides intelligent and energy-saving solutions for urban water supply. In the central air-conditioning and cooling tower industry, Giant Motor has the series of GPM super-efficient sync motors, which has become the benchmark of efficiency and energy saving. The performance and quality are comparable to international first level.