Guided by Enterprise Philosophy & Endeavoring to Realize Company Vision ------Giant Holding Held the Semi-annual Summary Conference 2017


The senior leadership of Giant and her subsidiaries gathered together on the afternoon of July 28 and held the Semi-annual Summary Conference 2017, reviewed and summed up the work of the first half year, and planned and deployed the work of the next half year. Mr. Yangbo, the CHO of Giant Holding had presided over the meeting. 

Within the new company concepts proposed in 2016, “To pursuit the happiness of employees” becomes the first mission. Safety is the survival and foundation of happiness. Therefore, the Deputy General Manager of Giant Holding Mr. Gaoyu reported and analyzed the production safety of the first half year. 

New concept, new vision: becoming an everlasting and happy enterprise with global competitiveness. From the beginning of this year, every subsidiary and department had made great efforts for realizing this new vision and grown a lot in all aspects. The heads from Elevator Component of Giant Holding, Gimig Technology, Giant Parking System, and Giant Motor had given work reports for the first half year 2017 and made plans for the future work. They had also determined that the work attention would be focused on market development. 

Market development must be based on accounting figures which reflects the business result. Only correct figures lead to success. Besides, the company promotes openness and transparency in the company internal, making everyone understand the status and orientation of the company. Thus everyone in the company will gather together and toward to the same goal. The CFO of Giant Ms. Zhou Lifen gave a financial report on the first half year of 2017 by detailed data and fine analysis. 

The Giant Philosophy Handbook was officially released in this meeting. In 2009, the Inamori Kazuo Management Philosophy had been introduced to Giant. With so many years’ experience, it had become a light on the way of company development. Last year, the company had established a team for compiling Giant Philosophy. Through studying Kyocera Philosophy and combining to the Giant culture characteristic, they had spent more than one year and finally compiled the graphic Giant Philosophy Handbook, which will be the thought guide and conduct code for all Giant staff, and it will also lead to the company set out again. 

The Chairman and General Manager Mr. Qianjiang gave a conclude speech by the topic of Market Development & Style Transformation. He proposed that the connotation of “Style Transformation” was setting fire to fight and encouraging struggle. Only win the market that each work pays off. Mr. Qian called all the staff to practice the core value of “Integrity, Striving, Innovation, and Sharing” and win new opportunities for the forth entrepreneurship. He advocated the leadership should continuously improve their ability, keep paying efforts more than anyone else, make themselves as examples, and influence and infect their teams by their own actions. 

At the end of the meeting, all the participants watched the speech video from Inamori Kazuo by the topic of The Qualities of Leaders. 

Mr. Inamori had proposed 5 qualities of leaders: 

1. The sense of mission
2. Clearly describe and achieve goals
3. Constantly challenge new things
4. Gain trust and respect within the group
5. A caring heart

His expatiation had established a clear standard for the businessmen in this ever-changing age. 

Mr. Inamori emphasized that a leader should earnestly and enthusiastically tells his staff about his thoughts to the career and the way to success until every member is full of passion in their workplace. Besides, as a leader, he has to pay efforts more than anyone else, making his staff have an idea that we have to help our leader. The leaders must face to the direction which the goal is achieved, fill with strong will, and give full scope to their dedication to work. They should be brave to “self-devotion”. In that case, no matter what bad circumstances are, the team will hang together and stride forward to the goal. 
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