Love Transmit Dream, Giant Goes with You ---- 2017 Giant Holding Held the Charitable Donation Ceremony


On the afternoon of Sep. 10, 2017, the 33rd Teacher’s Day, the Charitable Donation Ceremony of 2017 by the topic of “Love Transmit Dream, Giant Goes with You” was held in the Lecture Hall of XunXi Middle School by Giant Holding. The participates included the Deputy District Heads of Nanxun Ms. Xuefeng Shen and Mr. Sheng Qin, the President of Nanxun Charity Association Mr. Xinmin Hua, the Deputy Secretary of Nanxun Education Bureau, the Chairman of Giant Holding Mr. Jiang Qian and the representatives from Xunxi Middle School and Nanxun Shiyan Primary School, totally 160 representatives from the District Education Bureau took part in the ceremony. This ceremony was presided over by Ms. Xuefeng Shen. 

Education is the foundation of one country. Firstly, the President of XunXi Middle School Mr. Yuezhong Feng gave a speech. He used three key words of “Thank”, “Emotion”, and “Action”, thanked the donation of Giant Holding to the teaching facilities of school, as well as the focus and support to the education development. Only good governance and continuous improvement would be the best feedback to the donator with full of hope.

Mr. Jiang Qian had emphasized that Philanthropy Development was the sign of social civilization and progress, charity donation was the concrete manifestation of traditional virtues. The donation this time to XunXi Middle School, Nanxun Shiyan Primary School and the Charity Association of Nanxun District on the project of “Helping Medical & Benefitting People” was another society mission that the company would like to practice to the local education and charity.

Well-off society is based on the people. Human resource and Nation power is based on education. He pointed out that foundation education, as the major project of the society, was the important precondition and dependence of the economic development of Nanxun, which related to the competitiveness of both Nanxun and her enterprises. He thanked the government’s concern and guidance on Nanxun foundation education, thanked all the teachers’ tireless and selfless dedication for the education quality, and he wished the schools and education of Nanxun better and better. 

Giant Holding had donated 2.6million RMB for this activity, within which 1 million to Xunxi Middle School and 1 million to Nanxun Shiyan Primary School for education facilities; and 600 thousand RMB to Charity Association of Nanxun District on the project of “Helping Medical & Benefitting People” for the relief of uremia patients from low maintenance families. The curtain descended after signing and delivering the contract, but its significance and influence were more than that. Like the Deputy District Head Mr. Sheng Qin said the significance of donation was more than the help of material and money, but lied in the spiritual support and encouragement. Meanwhile, it was also the perfect performance for the enterprises and entrepreneurs to individually fulfill their society responsibility.

Over the years, Giant Holding had been adhering to the virtue of Nanxun ancient sages “Gain from the society and pay back to the society”, took “Fulfill society responsibility” as an important company mission, took part in charity activities actively, had established “Giant” Charity Fund, and participated in several benevolence activities, had ever gained the honors of “Huzhou Charity Award”,” Zhejiang Charity Award”,” Outstanding Contribution of China Charity”, etc. 

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